Acne treatment : Clear Skin for a Great Confidence

If you ever had pimples, you know how difficult it is to live with them constantly reminding you is not as good looking as the lady walking next to you. You know how terrible they make you feel when you are not putting up a smiley face on out in public.  Finding its solution which works is even more difficult. The market is brimmed with the plastic tubes which all claim they would clear your skin and return you the confidence you had lost a million years ago with the breakout of the first zit. Always consult with a certified skin specialist for Acne Treatment.

What is required to achieve the desired results is to discriminate between the tested truths and old wives’ tales.

What diet has to do with the acne? An ever present point in the discussion: So many researches were published in the 70-80 disproving it that people started actually believing that there is no co relation between acne and diet whatsoever. The research published those who ate more sugary foods, dairy products, and unhealthy fat were more prone to acne. The researchers found out that there is a strong connection between diet and acne.

Chocolate is the only, and the biggest enemy of good looks when you have acne. Almost everyone who has acne believes that it is better to throw chocolate under a running bus than have it. Essentially anything with a high glycemic index will worsen the acne.

Make up worsen acne. The truth is the other way around. The right make up can even promise to improve the situation. The foundation used in make-up absorbs the oil which would have clogged the pore otherwise.

Acne Treatment in Delhi

Dr Neeraj Kumar is one of the best dermatologist in Delhi when it comes to treating acne problems.Magical Morphers has treated number of patients with acne problems effectively through laser or chemical peel therapies.You can pay a visit to our clinic for acne treatment in Delhi.

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