Scar Removal

Skin is a very delicate and sensitive organ and so it’s important that you take good care of the same. Before you try to find out more about scar removal, what matters the most is what type of scar you have. Scar can be due to burn, injury or acne. Depending upon the kind of scars, the treatment can be initiated. Dr Neeraj Kumar is highly specialised skin specialist and provides best scar removal in Delhi. Keloid scar, acne scar etc are some of the most common scars. You should get the condition diagnosed by the leading specialist and then there can be word over the treatment.

The Possible Treatments for Scars

  • If you have a scar and if you talk to your skin specialist then they will suggest an over the counter cream.  This cream will help in soothing the skin and also keeping it soft. The healing would be quick and the itching would also be taken care of.
  • If the scar is like keloid scar then you may need steroid injections to get rid of the same.
  • If there are deep scars then there would be need of surgical removal of the same and then skin grafting. This case would be taken up by the cosmetic surgeon as it needs perfection and finesse.
  • If there is pitted scar then the fillers injection would help in improving the look of the skin.

A few scars have to be treated quickly. But a few, you may postpone. But the problem is that if you have scar on your face or body then it will actually look unpleasant and you need to get it fine in no time. Scars look bad and so you may need solution for the same. Take help of the leading skin specialist in Delhi who can provide you the right diagnosis and the treatment too.

Often, we have the tendency to postpone things. But this can create further problems. So, make sure that you seek the medical attention for scar or the related problems and get quick treatment without much delay. You can find the best doctor for the same. Just check out the reviews online and see which one is the best of all. Make sure that you get access to a reputable name in the field of skin specialists.